The Buzz On: Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae is a people-pleasing endeavor so enamored with their female fans that they named their band after two of them. They're a Nashville quartet --  led by singer Ryan Keith Follese -- that make populist pop-rock with pristine production values and combine dance-y, sultry modern rock of The Cab and The Killers with the wide-screen production of bands like Queen or Journey.

Tracks like "I Like To Dance" (listen to it on their MySpace) are a perfect example of their appeal; raunchy guitars, huger-than-huge drums, even bigger chorus and come-on-lets-do-it-already lyrics. It ain't hard to see what Stephanie Pratt sees in them. Or what they see in Stephanie -- she makes a cameo in the video for "I Like To Dance."

Stay tuned for Hot Chelle Rae's Lovesick Electric, which hits stores Tuesday, Oct. 27!