The Jonas Brothers Kick Butt At Kickball In Connecticut! Check Out The Photos!

FACT #1: The Jonas Brothers have had a way busier summer and fall than you. They've been on their world tour, they've been filming Camp Rock 2, they executive-produced Honor Society's debut album, Kevin's been planning his wedding, they've been dressing up like ketchup and mustard and dressing up like Teletubbies, and they've had many intense Road Dogs softball games.

FACT #2: The Jonas Brothers run on pure energy. (And occasionally Dunkaroos.) So apparently their idea of a day off is a game of kickball with fans. (Win!) And, as always, giving back. Which is why the Jonas Brothers spent this past Sunday, October 11 engaged in two rousing games of kickball as part of the Verizon and LG "Kick for Change" event in Connecticut, where they distributed more than $1 million to nationwide charities through their Change for the Children Foundation. And among the fans that played JB kickball were members of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the United Way, and Special Olympics.

As any good Jonas fan knows, when the Jonas Brothers play softball, they're the Road Dogs, but when they're in kickball mode, they're the Kickballers. And as the Kickballers, they won one game and lost one to the fans, but either way, JB fans still won.

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