Video Premiere: Rick Ross, 'Lay Back'

Let's just say what we're all thinking. No, it's not that this song is slick (it is). It's not that Rick Ross is the fifth hottest MC in the game (he is). It's not that Robin Thicke does the Robin Thicke thing all over the chorus on this track from Ross' mega smash Deeper Than Rap (he does). No, what we're all thinking is obvious; it's right there in front of us.

Rick Ross is dressed like Bea Arthur from Golden Girls. Rick Ross, THAT'S A BLOUSE YOU ARE WEARING. I think it's even got shoulder pads, for Pete's sake.

I mean, you can have a lovely lady-friend all you like, and you can talk about Maybach music and the Triple C's all you like, but know this: you are dressed like Bea Arthur. It's all good. You are still the BAWSE.