Awesome Or Toss 'Em: Comme Des Garçons Shoes With Feet On Them

Comme Des Garçons is the Japanese fashion house helmed by the eccentric, elusive, and exulted Rei Kawakubo, who's been doing freak fashions à la Lady Gaga since before Lady Gaga was eating a salad on MTV's Boiling Points. Fashiony types who know what's up -- the Commes Des Garçons for H&M collabo was an all-out feeding frenzy, and Marc Jacobs himself is a fan of the label -- and celebs like Alexa Chung, Drake (who've both worn the "Play" cardigan), and Katie Holmes are all fans of the brand.

During Comme Des Garçons' Fall/ Winter 2009 fashion show this past March, models walked the runway in black shoes with feet drawn on them. How post-modern AND redundant! Now, what you see on the runway isn't always what ends up produced and in stores, but, lucky for you shoes-with-feet-on-them fans, Comme Des Garcons' foot shoes are available at Paris' fashion-as-religion boutique Colette for the washed and unwashed masses. They're $840, and they're especially helpful if you're one of those people who sometimes puts the wrong shoe on the wrong foot. (And I'm not saying I am.)

+ Would you wear Comme Des Garçons's foot shoes?

Drake in Comme Des Garçons' "Play" Cardigan.

Alexa Chung in Comme Des Garçons' "Play" Cardigan and shoes without feet on them.