Tokio Hotel's New Album, 'Humanoid' Reviewed! Which Track Is Your Favorite?

(Credit: Michael Greenberg/ MTV)

At LONG last, October 6, the day you've been waiting not so patiently for is FINALLY here! Tokio Hotel's Humanoid album is out in the United States and worldwide. And Humanoid -- Tokio Hotel's third album -- was worth every minute of the wait.

Humanoid is Tokio Hotel's most mature effort to date, and while it's a serried selection of absolute destroyers like "Automatic," it's also packed with profound poignancy, heavyhearted existential dread, moments of meaning, and glimmers of hope. Musically, Tokio Hotel still delivers their signature loud, fast, and hard sound you've come to expect, but it's louder, faster, harder with more intent -- less for the sake of noise, and more for the sake of music and meaning. The band's New Wave electro experimentation -- listen for undeniable traces of Depeche Mode's Violator ("Personal Jesus," anyone?), Duran Duran's Rio (the chorus of "Save A Prayer" comes to mind) and even elements of Queen ("Somebody To Love") -- works to awesome effect, all of which unite to drive home Tokio Hotel's concept of overcoming alienation and going-through-motions dull automation to find a real human connection and, ultimately, love.

Watch the video I shot below (squeee!) to find out my favorite song off of "Humanoid." And, of course, tell me your favorite song off Humanoid. And of course, HAPPY HUMANOID DAY, and thank you thank you and danke schoen, Tokio fans, for reading the MTV Buzzworthy Blog!