New Video: Metro Station, 'Kelsey'

Costume ballers! I feel a motif blossoming. Hot on the heels of Carrie Underwood's brief flirtation with Eyes-Wide-Shut-erry Metro Station deliver their new clip for their old-ish song, "Kelsey," (off the Kelsey EP) featuring more masked hi-jinks than you can shake a monogrammed handkerchief at.

This emo-lectro jam is livened up by the appearance of Aimee Teegarden from the too-awesome-for-words Friday Night Lights. (Teegarden is no stranger to music vids, having appearing in Hinder's "Without You," previously.) In "Kelsey" Teegarden plays the apple of singer Mason Musso's eye, as he pursues her behind her date's back. There's dramz, tears, and more dramz. Not unlike an episode of Friday Night Lights, just with less football.