The Buzz On: P.O.S.

You may have seen P.O.S. pull off an astounding one-man-band take on Pearl Jam's "Why Go" earlier this year. It's an interesting look for the Minneapolis producer/MC. At once ingenious and virtuosic, it shows P.O.S. as a dude who owes as much to the god known as Eddie Vedder as he does to the god of Rakim.

P.O.S.'s music is largely a self-produced hodgepodge of abrasive noise and block-rocking beats wrapped up in a thoughtful, idiosyncratic flow that betrays his roots in the backpack/indie rap scene that thrived in the early '00s: P.O.S. releases music through one of that scene's cornerstone labels, Rhymesayers, the home to Atmosphere).

In the video below, P.O.S. declares there's no AutoTune in grunge, but for him, there seem to be no rules, period. He's a beat-juggling, sampler-punching, mic-rocking dynamo. His album, Never Better was released in February, and his video of the same name is coming soon, so be ready. Follow P.O.S. on Twitter at @YEAHRIGHTPOS and check out his Pearl Jam cover and his video for the track, "Purexed" below.