JC Chasez: *NSYNC To Reunite... Never.

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why do caged birds sing? All eternal questions without answers (actually they all have perfectly good answers, but you see what I'm saying). At least one eternal question has been answered: Will *NSYNC ever get back together? Well, according to JC Chasez, the answer is, "no."

Now, given the ex-*SYNCers' various states of busy-ness, from "very" (Justin, JC) to somewhat (Joey, Lance) to not (Chris), this isn't that much of a shock. But still, it's pretty interesting to see the America's Best Dance Crew judge nail the coffin shut so decidedly. *NSYNC really is gone. No matter how much it tears up your heart, no matter how much you want them back, they're still saying, "bye, bye, bye."

Don't worry, we'll always have TRL: Watch *NSYNC perform "Tearin' Up My Heart" live on TRL in 1998.