Check Out Photos Of Tokio Hotel In The Studio In 2002

You've memorized every breathe and robotic nuance of the "Automatic" video. If you need needed four more reasons to get excited for the much-anticipated release of Tokio Hotel's upcoming album, Humanoid, out October 6, here they are.

After they jump, check out some amazing early Tokio Hotel photos of Bill and Tom Kaulitz and Gustav Schäfer in the studio in 2002. And see what producer David Jost had to say about meeting a young Tokio Hotel early on in their career.

+ More photos of Tokio Hotel in 2002 after the jump!

From David Jost:

"My production partners and I met and heard Bill for the first time when he was 13. Even before he touched the mic he was screaming at us with his eyes. When the band came by for their first visit in our Hamburg recording studio they played their demos to us, which they had recorded all on their own, in their rehearsal room in Magdeburg (East Germany). While the demos were playing, he thrust a big old book into my hands, in which he had written down a lot of his lyrics. His expression wasn't only reflected by what he had written or said, but also by what he is. Bill was only this 13-year-old boy, but he already carried big emotional extremes and this huge melancholy with him. Regardless of all that he was very determined. He wanted to get out of there so badly, and Bill didn’t want to be part of anything which made him very distinct."