Buzzworthy Style Files: Lady Gaga Channels Dame Edna, Meets Madonna At Marc Jacobs, Performs Nearly Naked For Fashion Week

Need a break from all that Kanye Kraziness? (Wait? Did you make your own Kanye apology via the Kanye Apology Generator yet? OMG! Do it!) Check out this photo of Lady Gaga backstage at the 2010 Marc Jacobs Spring show at the NY State Armory in New York City on September 14. Gaga's jeweled mask and fluffy colored wig are fully and fearlessly Dame Edna!

Gaga was wearing a demure black dress cut up to her neck and a modest white jacket to the Marc Jacobs show -- ironically, Gaga was taking in a show that experts say she inspired -- where Gags met Madonna for the very first time ever!

Lady Gaga's black-and-white outfit was completely conservative considering she performed later that night in a totally see-through red lace bodysuit -- similar to the red lace outfit she wore the VMAs -- with only a G-string to cover her Gaga parts. OMGaga!