VMA 2009: Watch Kanye West Freak Out Back In 2005

In case you've just been cryogenically unfrozen (welcome back! You've got some catching up to do) and weren't aware, Kanye West's bust-up at the 2009 VMAs wasn't the first time he went rogue. Kanye has a history of going rogue like he did at the 2009 MTV VMAs, where he elbowed poor Taylor Swift out of her VMA win for Best Female Video.

Below, is a video of Kanye West in December 2005, ranting and raving and gnashing his teeth and all but shaking an angry fist to MTV News, living out an entire emotional arc before the 2006 Grammys and reminding everyone how hard he works (because other artists don't work hard?), how much money he spent on his album, and how much everyone LOVES his music and how it's just balm for the soul if you lost your gram. Basically, Kanye implied a pox on all kittens and puppies if he didn't win the Album of the Year Grammy for Late Registration. (Whoops! U2 won it!)

Then he proceeds to crucify himself. Oh wait... He'd already done that on "Jesus Walks." Keep in mind, this was before Kanye took out his aggressions on his Macbook Air and his blog. Watch Kanye flip his s++t, yet again, in this classic MTV clip.

One of the most foretelling lines Kanye says: "You put the camera in front of me, I'ma tell you like this..." That much is obvious. If there's a camera to be found, Kanye West's gonna find it. Live TV? That's probably even better in Kanye's mind.