10 VMA Moments You May Have Missed -- Britney's Dance, Jennifer Lopez's Close Encounter With Her Ex, Katy Perry's Crotch Grab!

The 2009 VMAs were packed with OMG moments, some intentional -- Janet Jackson's tribute to Michael Jackson, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" army, Lady Gaga's fake death -- some not -- Kanye's Taylor Swift hijack. But there were lots of VMA moments you may've missed.

Check out 10 moments from the 2009 VMAs that you might've missed.

1.) When Janet Jackson first appeared on stage during her tribute to Michael Jackson, and during several other moments during her tribute, she was perfectly in sync with Michael's choreography on the screen behind her.

2.) Janet sending a kiss up toward the sky at the end of her dance tribute to Michael Jackson.

3.) Pete Wentz solemnly bowing his head during Madonna's tribute to Michael Jackson.

4.) Jennifer Lopez's face-to-face encounter with her ex! Cris Judd was one of the dancers in Janet's Michael Jackson tribute, and Jennifer Lopez was sitting right in front of the stage.

5.) Beyonce jokingly singing along to "Motown Philly" during Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg's Boyz II Men joke.

6.) Katy Perry grabbing her crotch and kissing Joe Perry after singing "We Will Rock You" to introduce Russell Brand.

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7.) Katy Perry waving her ringless finger in front of the camera during Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performance.

8.) Perez Hilton cheering when Lady Gaga dedicated her Moonman win for Best New Artist to "God and the gays."

9.) Britney Spears doing an impromptu dance after winning Best Pop Video.

10.) Alexa Chung calling Russell Brand a pervert!

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