VMA 2009: Kanye West Takes To His Blog To Apologize To Taylor Swift For His VMA Rant

The 2009 MTV VMAs saw another Kanye West outburst -- this one aimed at an unsuspecting Taylor Swift, who'd just won Best Female Video and received the business end of a classic (and really poorly directed) Kanye outburst. (And if I were like Beyonce, I'd be like "Don't bring me into this.")

Kanye slllliiiightly manned up and took to his blog -- you know, instead of calling Taylor directly? -- to apologize, proclaiming "I'm not crazy y'all. I'm just real." Real attention hungry?

Anyway, check out another Klassic Kanye all-caps blog post -- this time it's a Taylor apology, and watch the ridiculous moment below. Blame it on the ah-ahhah-ahhh-alcohol? Dude was CHUGGING that Henny like it was his damn day job.

Later, hater...