Buzzworthy Is Kickin' It With The Stars Backstage At The 2009 VMAs!

We've taken second helpings of pasta, done our push-ups and fueled up on the Bull, and in just a few minutes all the prep work will pay off. At 9pm sharp, Buzzworthy is taking it to the main event, eavesdropping on all the superstar convos and canoodling (Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog seem to be getting on well), snapping pics of all the backstage madness and even chattin' it up with a few of The Biggest Names In Showbiz. You know, that sorta thing.

Your tireless blogging crew is Tamar Anitai, Shaheem Reid, James Montgomery and Kyle Anderson. So pleased to serve ya', stay right here for live updates throughout this soon-to-be legendary night!

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11:58pm -- As an ambulance races by with its lights on, the cop conducting traffic says, "Taylor Swift just beat up Kanye, and here's his ambulance." Kanye West might just be the most hated man in America right now.

11:50pm - On the way to the press room, I run into the young lady of the evening, Taylor Swift. I tell her, "Congratulations!" and she beams and yells back, "Thanks!"

Meanwhile, Beyonce zooms by while Tito Jackson cheers her on.

11:26pm - Jay-Z isn't rapping. He's firing words from his mouth like it's a machine gun. Radio City's never seemed this big.

11:22pm - Time for Jay-Z to take the stage! When Hov's back in town, everything shut down!

11:21pm - Everyone backstage is crowded around the monitor and smiling as Taylor Swift graciously re-accepts her award.

Oh yeah, the angel wings Gaga wore in her paparazzi performance are hanging on a hook nearby.

11:09pm - Pink's acrobatic performance partner just walked backstage, screaming and pumping his fists. Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon give him a high-five.

10:57pm - After Kid Cudi performs "Day N Nite," Wale says, "Rest in peace, DJ Am." Fingers form peace signs all around.

10:56pm - Serena Williams comes in really late. She chats on her cell phone while being escorted to her seat.

10:55pm - Kids are laughing at the All-American Rejects and asking why the lead singer is wearing glitter.

10:52pm - Everyone's wishing Pink good luck backstage before her performance. Plus, Eminem wins Best Behaved Celeb -- he's sitting quietly in his seat! (Unlike SOME Hennessy-swillin' rappers we know.)

10:48pm - Aside from Kanye's disturbance of the peace, the big story here tonight is Lady Gaga ... And how strange she's been acting. In addition to wearing a half-Papal/half Ms. Haversham crocheted get-up, Gaga's not really talking -- to anyone -- and now she's walking with an exaggerated limp.

10:34pm - Just talked to a security guard at the stage door where Kanye went to hang out after crashing the stage. The guard told me that Kanye has officially left the building. Meanwhile, dude just got booed HARD when they announced his nomination for Best Hip-Hop Video. ZING!

10:27pm - Backstage: Robert Pattinson is skinny in real life -- vampires really don't eat food, I guess. And Kristen looks like a tiny ice skater.

10:23pm -- After the New Moon trailer airs, R.Patz and crew are whisked backstage, photogs trailing a few steps behind. When Pattinson finally dodges them, he gets a few secs to chug a beer and watch Beyonce's performance, bobbing his head to the beat.

10:15pm - Just saw Beyonce's dancers dressed in silver backstage. Get ready to come to Beysus, y'all!

10:13pm - Kristin Cavallari's posing for the paps like a pro -- and she's being super sweet to all of her handlers. Where's the 'bitch' we all know and love? Also, Gaga just walked by in her feather headdress. She's got an assistant to hold the train of her dress!

10:11pm - Cobra Starship are outraged they didn't win Best Pop Video ... They tore up their tickets in disgust the whole time Britney's acceptance video played. "We woulda at least showed up!" frontman Gabe Saporta shouted. He then pulled a huge-ass flask out of his breast pocket and took a pull.

10:10pm - Billie Joe is helping people crash the stage. Looks like a mob scene. In fact, since the Green Day frontman is pretty short, he's completely eclipsed by the crowd around him.

10:02pm - Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are 12 feet away. I cannot confirm or deny that they will go home together.

10pm - Now Russell Brand's using his hosting skills to hit on Megan Fox.

9:59pm - Chace Crawford and Ne-yo just headed backstage. (Wait up, guys!)

9:57pm - Stage left, I'm watching Nelly Furtado and Kristin Cavallari prep for their upcoming intro.

9:56pm - Perez Hilton and Hayley Williams are both trying to start a #TeamTaylor trend on Twitter.

9:54pm - There will be blood. On Gaga ... and on the audience.

9:47pm - Sean from 3OH!3 jokingly just said to me, "We're up for Best New Artist, but after [Kanye], I'm a little scared to WIN!"

9:44pm - What does Jennifer Lopez do during a commercial break? Same thing we all do: texts her friends.

9:41pm - Taylor's proving how a true lady rolls -- after Kanye's me-me-me moment, she's singing her heart out and havin' a grand ole time. (Hey Kanye, look who's playing on top of a cab in the middle of NYC!)

9:38pm - Fall Out Boy give Green Day a standing-o after their win.

9:31pm - Diddy doesn't have time for a fan photo -- he's a busy mogul with a Twitter habit!

9:30pm - People are going nuts in here. They booed like crazy when Kanye leaped onstage and stole Taylor's thunder. He responded by giving them all the finger on the way back to his seat. During the commercial break, Pink walked by him shaking her head in disgust. Even the show producers gave him a talking to. Not surprisingly, he didn't seem at all bothered by everyone's reactions, grabbing his date Amber Rose and planting a kiss on her lips.

9:25pm - Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift's big moment. Further proof that he's on the Hennessy. (Aside from the pic below.)

9:22pm - Katy Perry just strutted by me. She's wearing a white, studded bustier paired with skintight pants. Hot, not cold AT ALL.

9:20pm - Russell's making good on those Jonas jokes from '08 and turning the hose on Lady Gaga. Shocker! He wants to bone her.

9:15pm - Katy Perry's bowing down to Russell Brand as a team of live drummers bangs out "We Will Rock You." Joe Freakin' Perry's on guitar! Get ready for some lewd LOLs ... Russell Brand's here!

9:08pm - "Thriller" rises again!!! MTV loves you, Michael! (And so does EVERYONE in the audience.)

9:05pm - When Madonna wants to tell a story, you let her tell her story. Especially when it's about the life of Michael Jackson. You could hear a pin drop in here.

9:02pm - Have the VMAs ever started off this serious? Still, Madonna's really nailing it, calling Michael Jackson "a hero."

8:59pm - Nelly Furtado just ran to her seat to catch the Michael Jackson opening tribute. So excited to see it!

8:55pm - Beyonce's making quite a splash on the carpet in a sexy, red ruffle dress and her hair done curly.

8:51pm - Afraid the girl behind me is gonna need EMT assistance: Chace Crawford is standing right in front of her.

8:47pm - Radio City's roaring after Wale announces, "We gonna burn this mother f**ker down."

8:46pm - The house band is getting started.