VMAs 2009: Behold! The VMA Stage!

Boom. And there it is. The 2009 MTV VMA stage. The scene is set, and Radio City Music Hall -- a 75-year-old venue -- just got catapulted into 2009. (If Radio City were an old lady, she'd probably have to cover its eyes when Lady Gaga performs live on Sunday, September 13.) The entire VMA stage pretty much looks like the coolest, loudest, most intense music video ever.

Check out more photos of the 2009 MTV VMA set, stage, and floor of Radio City Music Hall, before it gets packed with celebrities. Yes, those big pieces of paper are the much-discussed seat cards, which will soon hold the famous butts of Robert Pattinson, Jay-Z, Paramore, and the VMA nominees and performers! Stay tuned!