Tokio Hotel's 'Humanoid' Album Cover Art Revealed!

UPDATE: IT'S OFFICIALLY the official album cover art for Tokio Hotel's Humanoid album, due out October 2. And it's TOTALLY effing STEAM PUNK, Y'ALL!

Bill Kaulitz looks more android/ cyborgy/ Neuromancer-y than ever, but I fear his trademark head of hair has been replaced by Medusa-(meets-Metallica-like) cords, wires, and vacuum cleaner tubes.

And not to pat myself on the back either... although that's exactly what I'm gonna do -- but I was TOTALLY ON THE MONEY with the Tokio Hotel Humanoid cover art predictions I made back in July. Tokio Hotel is getting more sci-fi (Sy Fy?) than ever. It's steam punk meets Battlestar Galactica. And it's scary and intense. Hopefully Bill won't re-damage his vocal cords since they're exposed and you can see straight through to his vertebrae and everything. Though Tom, Gustav, and Georg ARE in Tokio Hotel too. Where are they? And what does Bill Kaulitz see what that magic blue eye?

+ What do YOU think about Tokio Hotel's new Humanoid album cover?