Great Moments In VMA History: Madonna And Courtney Love's 1995 VMA Cat Fight

Lourdes just over a year old when Madonna went to the 1995 MTV VMAs, yet already Madonna had the stern scolding thing down to art. And that matronly voice of authority would come in handy at the VMAs that night, when she had to lay the smack down on (a possibly not-so-sober, if I may be so suggestive) Courtney Love, who completely and totally hijacked her VMA red carpet interview with Kurt Loder.

Watch this vintage VMA video -- it's long, but it's a great from the crate, and it's totally worth it to revel in Madonna and Courtney's bitter exchange, which ends in Madonna killing a dangerously bottomless Courtney with kindness. (Albeit that rare Madonna brand of bitchy kindness.) And to watch Courtney throw a powder compact into the interview pit. And to watch Courtney Love and Madonna's fashion turf war. And to watch Courtney Love's SUPER awkward exchange with Tabitha Soren. And to watch Courtney Love ramble on and on about Michael Stipe, ambulance drivers, astrophysics, and Birkenstocks. And to watch Courtney slither and writhe around on the ground. There's even a weird exchange about Alanis Morisette. Every time I watch it, I discover a new gem, though my favorite is "Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now." And Madonna's inability to decide upon mock-British accent or Jersey Girl. (So she goes with both.)

Taste the faux sincerity. Enjoy the crazy.

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