VMA Nominee Kristinia DeBarge Takes You Backstage At Britney's 'Circus' Tour

It's a good year to be Kristinia DeBarge. (And not to toot our own air horn, but Buzzworthy hipped you to Kristinia DeBarge back in JUNE, which is like a million years ago in Internet time!)

Kristinia's debut single, "Goodbye," charted right out the gate. Her debut album, Exposed, sold immediately to reviews like "awesome" (LA Times), and People pondered whether Kristinia might be the next Rihanna. Fluorescently bright reviews were topped by the news she'd open for Britney Spears on her Circus Tour, followed by a live performance on It's On With Alexa Chung, and then came the news that she was nominated for a 2009 MTV VMA for Best Choreography. Going from relative unknown to Britney's Circus and VMA nominee is not a bad way to spend a summer.

Below, check out the tour diary Kristinia DeBarge just sent the MTV Buzzworthy Blog to see how she's handling her newfound fame, and to get a look beneath the big-top at Britney's Circus.

Hey guys!

Last night was my very first night on the Britney Spears show. After all these weeks of getting ready, it was really exciting to finally be in Hamilton, Ontario Canada for the first show! Everyone in my crew is so pumped to start the tour, and we'd been bubbling with energy the whole day :-)

Right before I went on stage, I met Britney for the first time. She was soooo sweet! She told me how much her babies love my song, and she was just so warm and friendly. I thanked her for the amazing opportunity she's given me by having me on tour with her. I still have to pinch myself to remind myself that I'm not dreaming!

(Read more of Kristinia DeBarge's tour diary after the jump!)

Performing in an arena is a brand new experience for me, and I gotta tell you -- when the music started and I was about to step on stage, I felt butterflies in my stomach!! From the side of the stage, I saw my dancers Kanec, DeShon, Karon and Oronde dancing their pants off and I knew that I had to get focused and do my best for the thousands of people in the house!! We had SUCH fun time on stage. It was both overwhelming and amazing, and I loved every second of it!!

So far, everything about the tour is so-so-so fun! All the people are really nice, and our tour bus is awesome! I feel like the luckiest girl, and I'll be taking lots of pictures and video while I'm on the road so that I can remember this experience forever. After this weekend, we're back in the States and I can't wait to see everyone!



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