Got A Question For The Used?

The Used's fourth album, Artwork, hasn't even technically been released yet -- Artwork's official release date is August 31. But already momentum is building on an epic level. There's The Used's Twitter album listening party, which has gotten a fair amount of coverage, and Alternative Press turned the praise hose on The Used's "gross pop" album, calling Artwork "not only the definitive album of their career but arguably one of the best records you'll hear in 2009."

So how does it feel to receive so many accolades for an album that hasn't even come out yet? Don't ask me. Ask The Used.

The Used will be here at MTV in New York City on Thursday, September 3 to answer your Buzzworthy Blog fan questions. So leave your questions for The Used in the comments below.

... And watch their "Blood On My Hands" video... again...

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