Just Eat It? Michael Jackson 'Black Or White' Tribute Cupcakes

(Credit: Mandy David Campbell)

In Buzzworthy's ongoing attempt to celebrate fan-made works of art -- the types of tributes that music fans pour their heart, soul, and sometimes sugar into -- I present you with these Michael Jackson "Black Or White" tribute cupcakes. (No, this isn't an attempt at racist baking.)

Mandy David Campbell baked the Michael Jackson cupcakes above on the night Michael Jackson died, as an MJ homage, finding inspiration in the song "Black Or White." The day after Michael Jackson's death, Mandy brought the cupcakes to work for a friend who's a huge Michael Jackson fan, and they spent the morning listening to the HIStory album.

For you wannabe Aces of Cakes, Mandy told me a bit more about her handiwork: "They're actually not nearly my best cupcake work. I've got some sugar skulls I did that i put a lot more time into. The Michael Jackson ones in particular were white cake with a dark fudge icing, black sugar, and white piping -- quite obviously playing on the "Black Or White" theme. I only wish I had had some silver dragees to jazz them up a bit. There isn't much more to it, as they were a pretty quick job. I think they were definitely some of the first Michael Jackson memorial cupcakes out there though!"

Mandy's Michael Jackson tribute cupcakes are sad, like the frosting frowny faces so somberly suggest. But they're also a small, heartfelt, homemade gesture that demonstrates a greater truth -- Michael's legacy was so enormous that people baked cupcakes in his honor. That is huge. And sweet.

+ Watch Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" video after the jump.