Experience The Softer Side Of Drake's 'Best I Ever Had'

Okay, between us, Drake even told ME I'M the best. I'm beginning to think Drake gives all the girls the "you're the best" treatment.

Donna and Ruby Ibarra, two sisters from California, and their friend Anna De Guzman -- they're sheselle on YouTube -- covered Drake's "Best I Ever Had" and gave it the song a whole new not-just-boobs-and-basketball feminine twist. And they even threw in some Filipino pride with a verse in Tagalog. A verse that Ruby wrote!

(Donna Ibarra, Anna De Guzman, and Ruby Ibarra)

We've had their Drake cover on repeat here on the 17th floor of MTV.com, and when I played it for one of the designers here, his response was "I thought it was gonna be like a joke. These girls can sing." Someone needs to sign these ladies. I believe there's a blank space on the Young Money roster where Omarion's name used to be, right?