New Video: Jessie James, 'I Look So Good Without You'

The more I hear from Jessie James, the more she aggressively assures me that she does not hold back. Even though my first impressions of Jessie were mini Shania or Dress-up X-Tina, but when she swells into that full, nasal-y twang, she's a contender and not a pretender. And considering Jessie co-wrote "I Look So Good Without You" -- along with some top-notch help in the form of Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins (I've gone on record about my love for Darkchild) and Savan Kotecha (who has "If U Seek Amy" on his resume) -- I'm predicting for her a long and healthy career.

The video for Jessie's second single, from her self-titled debut album, premiered yesterday on It's On With Alexa Chung. Filmed in Malibu, "I Look So Good Without You" kicks off with Jessie giving her man the boot (from her ridiculous mansion). On the first go-around, the concept for the song is standard enough: "Now that I'm single, I feel empowered..." But its source, the external reflecting the internal, is effective in its simple honesty: Post-breakup Jessie can finally appreciate that she does have nice skin and good teeth -- and when she stops crying, note the beautiful brown eyes. OK, OK - sounds a little cheesy on paper, but it WORKS.

P.S. Our girl is an Aries. Thanks bathtub, shot!