New Tokio Hotel Video: The Band Checks In From South Africa & Bill Kaulitz Shares His Scary Dreams

The last time Tokio Hotel checked in with the MTV Buzzworthy Blog, they were waiting at an airport gate in London, about to jet off to South Africa to shoot the video for "Automatic," the first single off their upcoming album, Humanoid.

In today's exclusive Tokio Hotel Buzzworthy video, the guys check in from South Africa and give you a few sneak peeks at the "Automatic" video, including some epic shots of Bill, Tom, Georg, and Gustav in some epically cinematic desert-backdropped car scenes. And, like in the "Monsoon" video, it looks like there will be helicopters.  It's kinda Blade Runner-meets-Reservoir Dogs... Meets Mad Max. Meets The Fast And The Furious.

You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at Bill Kaulitz recounting his seriously bad night (someone get this boy on a better sleep schedule, stat!) and Tom Kaulitz's earnest retelling of bearing witness to boar-on-boar sex. What happens in South Africa stays in South Africa.

Watch Tokio Hotel's new video after the jump!