Buzzworthy Obsession: A Clear Blurr

Great. Now I totally feel like the high school underachiever now -- A Clear Blurr pretty much embodies blink-182, while still staying on top of sports and GPAs. (I barely passed P.E.)

The Jersey pop-punk group A Clear Blurr -- Tom Kenney, Karl Pearson, Cole MacDonnell, and Kevin Nicotera --  may sound a step up from your average high school band, but that's part of the appeal: their sophomore album's called Trigonometry, and if you check out the A Clear Blurr's MySpace photos, the guys have gone for all-out high school stereotypes: jock, nerd, bad boy and hot-guy/class clown.

In addition to graduating high school this year, A Clear Blurr's already done time on Warped Tour as well as a few Hot Topic gigs, which obviously beats passing out EPs in the hall between class. For Trigonometry (just that word brings back bad memories -- hopefully A Clear Blurr will reclaim it me) due September 29, the guys worked with John Collura of The Ataris, so expect a little more nuance than their first full-length, Drop Everything, which Clear Blurr released in 2007.