What Did Alexa Chung Wear Today? Tuesday, August 25

First of all, if you don't believe in the magic that just a little Scotch Tape can create, then you're reading the wrong blog. John Roberts (the guy with tape on his face) is a comedic genius. Seriously. What's more recession-friendly than some Scotch tape and a crap-ass wig? (And if I had a buck for the NUMBER of times a day I get to hear Travis say "I had half a sip of a wine cooler, Jackie," I'd be living in some shady-ass manse on Star Island.)

Next, here's what Alexa wore today on It's On With Alexa Chung, which also featured the effervescent Colbie Caillat!

Tuesday, August 25

+ Dress: ba & sh

+ Necklaces: Iosselliani & Pretty Little Thing

Alexa found the Ba & Sh dress she wore today at a boutique in Paris, but you can get the Anna Sui-meets-Mara Hoffman/ Little Punk On The Prairie look with these floral dresses. They're very Madonna in "Live To Tell." This Free People floral dress is $138 at ShopBop.com.

Love this watercolor floral dress. But I don't know why the model looks all mad at me. It's like do you WANT me to buy it or not? I'm just browsing. I didn't steal anything. God. Anyway, it's by Tucker, and it's $228 at Shopbop.com.

Ballin' on a budget? Hi! This floral romper's just $14.99 at UrbanOutfitters.com. Can't beat it with a stick.

Madonna - Live To Tell '86

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