Tokio Hotel News! Georg's Got A Girlfriend!

Oh dear. Georg has a girlfriend?  Our friends at Tokio Hotel America informed us that Georg CONFIRMED he has girlfriend in a recent Bravo article. I just want good things for him, you know? Like, I just want him to be happy. But that means there are only THREE Tokio Hotel menfolk left on the market.

Bravo: Who of you are in love?

Georg: I have a girlfriend. We have been together for six months. She is not known and would not be it. I met her in Magdeburg at a party – and it seems to be the big love, the guys also think that she is nice

I GUESS I shall accept that George has a girlfriend/ "freundin," since Tom -- who's obviously saving himself for Jessica Alba -- Bill, and Gustav seem to accept her too. Just as long as she doesn't go all Yoko on Tokio and break up the band.

Also, do you like my horrendous/ kind-of awesome MS Paint skills? And HOW did Bill get taller?

Naysayers/ those holding out hope for Georg, watch this: