Awesome Or Toss 'Em? Jeggings! (Jean Leggings!)

I've been pretty vocal about my distaste for/ distrust of Scrunchies 2.0, ambivalent toward Ashley Greene's leather shorts, and an ardent supporter of Sara Paxton's floral Doc Martens. Then Paris Hilton broke my heart in the way that only Paris Hilton can when she wore stonewashed jean leggings. WHY SUCH. LITERAL JEAN LEGGINGS?

Now Hudson Jeans is toning down the jean leggings trend -- or, "jeggings," if you will (and will I? I'm still not sure) -- with their take. And by the way, jean leggings are exactly what they sound like -- leggings... that are jeans, which comes in handy, say, if you have ONLY room for ONE pair of pants in your wardrobe and simply CANNOT accommodate both leggings and jeans because you only own ONE drawer. They cross into the hateful territory when designers take simple cotton leggings and just paint on some denim details (ahem, Paris).

But Hudson's "Jeggings" are the least offensive version of legging jeans I've seen. And, since they're still denim, you've immediately lowered the likelihood for cameltoe, so thank you in advance for that. Though truly, they're just SUPER skinny stretchy jeans with a "leggings" label slapped on. FASHION IS CONFUSING, I KNOW. Anyway, jeggings: Awesome? Toss 'em?