What Did Alexa Chung Wear Today? Monday, August 24

Not only did Alexa wear a Marc By Marc Jacobs "Off The Deep End" t-shirt -- the same Marc By Marc Jacobs t-shirt we've seen I recall Demi Lovato wearing -- on today's episode of It's On With Alexa Chung, but her shirt was basically a harbinger of the show itself, which featured a visit by a bubbly Christina Milian, couch time with the unflappable Stephanie Pratt, a performance by Kristinia DeBarge, and a cheering lesson by a real cheerleading squad. Wanna know what else Alexa wore? READY????? OKAY!

Monday, August 24

+ T-shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs

+ Skirt: Juicy Couture

+ Sandals: Salt Water

+ Skull necklace: Iosselliani

+ Elephant necklace: Pretty Little Thing

Did Topshop have Marc Jacob's spooky "Off The Deep End" shirt in mind when they rolled out their "Horror Girls" collection? Hm? Topshop's vampire tee is $36. Topshop's "Eek" t-shirt is also $36.

Cute graphic-print tulip skirt options = this blue Marc By Marc Jacobs skirt is $121 at MyTheresa.com.

... Whereas this tribal-print skirt is a whopping $15.80 from Forever 21. Love that.