Sara Paxton's Flower-Covered Doc Marten Boots: Awesome Or Toss 'Em?

One of the very special guests on today's episode of It's On With Alexa Chung was the luminous Sara Paxton -- she's in that new CW show The Beautiful Life, and she plays a beautiful model... with a BIG secret. (And if you've heard of The Beautiful Life, it's probably because Mischa Barton is/ was in it, Ashton Kutcher's producing it, and the ads feature NAKED MODELS! And naked Corbin Bleu!)

What ISN'T a secret though is how much I LOVE Sara Paxton's flower-covered Doc Marten "Lottie" boots! They're so fantastically 1990s. They're also like having an entire garden made just for your foot. Also, back in the day, my sister had a pair, and I made fun of her for them, but it was really because I was secretly jealous. But enough about my family dramz. If you're PRO flowery Doc Marten boots, get your own for $119.95 at

Less awesome but definitely still intriguing are these flocked Docs, which come in black-and-white and several more color combos. They're $120 at

Oh, Chad! You're alllll growed up...