+ Mariah Carey gave a big "F U" to the R.I.A.A. (Recording Industry Association of America) and their silly little Grammys by pushing back the release date of her new album to a day after the cut-off date for it to be considered eligible for this year's awards. Personally, we think she's pulling a bitch move in light of fellow megastar Whitney Houston releasing her new album on September 1st. Nothing like a little competition between two DIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, right lambies? (The Frisky)

+It's so wonderful seeing the excitement on Kanye West's face to be out and about with someone as overtly glamorous as Amber Rose (especially in a barely-there bikini, and by "barely-there" we mean linguine-draped meatballs with a leg of lamb. Seriously?? Her body was assembled by spare parts. AND WE LIKES IT.) (The Blemish)

+ New pictures have surfaced of a hotter-than-ever Ricky Martin hanging out on the beach with his angelic one-year-old twin boys. ME ENCANTO! (Socialite Life)

+ Apple now accounts for 25% of total music sales via iTunes. (CNN Money)

+ Oh, and in case you're one of like four people in the world who wasn't annoyed when songs would auto-play on MySpace Music, they've disabled that feature to save a buck or two. (TechCrunch)

+ Be on the lookout for Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman Karen O and MGMT to guest on the new Flaming Lips record, Embryonic. Evidently Karen did her portion of the two songs she recorded right over the phone. (NME)