I Personally Think Tom Kaulitz's Braids Were Inspired By R. Kelly

I know that Tom Kaulitz's black cornrow braids aren't exactly new news -- he's been rockin' the 'rows since early 2009, right? (And if not, Tokio Hotel fans, I KNOW you'll correct me quicker than you can say "Trümper." Which is why I love you...)

... But back to Tom Kaulitz's hair. In Tokio Hotel's promo photo for their new single, "Automatic," Tom's cornrows are seriously... SERIOUS... They're black like BOLDFACE black, and I can only wonder if Tom's been getting hair help from R. Kelly. Why? BECAUSE HIS HAIR LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE R. KELLY'S! (Except Tom's hair is more awesome because it grew out of Tom's head. I mean, obviously.)

+ Wanna braid Tom Kaulitz's hair? Watch Mario's video, "Braid My Hair," and see how that works. And tell me what you think of all of Tokio Hotel's new looks!

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