+ Because Justin Timberlake doesn't have nearly enough to do (running clothier William Rast, golfing, making tequila, owning a BBQ restaurant in NYC, and CERTAINLY the most time-consuming thing: dating Jessica Biel!), an obvious next step would be to do an ad campaign for the Givenchy fragrance "Play." Holla for a dolla! (Popbytes)

+ NYC Police are preparing for the worst when rapper 50 Cent holds a "surprise" free concert in late August in the Queens neighborhood where he grew up. (NY Post)

+ Anyone in the mood for some new Weezer? We are too -- the band just announced their new single will drop on August 25. And if ya look real hard, it might just be floatin' around on the GooTube. (NME)

+ Will someone please tell me why Madonna is swimming in boxing trunks and a basketball jersey? (DrunkenStepfather)

+ Celeb feuds are as old as 'The Hills,' and Perez Hilton is usually the cause. This week, Ashlee Simpson told the Queen of Pink where he can stick it (and we're pretty sure it's a dark, dark place, devoid of all life), after meddling in her and hubby Pete Wentz' drunken affairs. (Cele|bitchy)

+ And speaking of Twitter, you'll be surprised to learn that Robert Pattinson does NOT like Twitter...(PopEater)

+ ...probably because people catch him maaaaaaybe kissing his maaaaaaaaybe girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart. (MTV News)