Buzzworthy Obsession: The Summer Set

(Credit: Dan Gillian)

I can get into The Summer Set's iPod-ready pop-punk stylings; I can get into the youthful, effortless energy of it all, but I gotta say, I LOVE that the one girl of this fivesome is the band's drummer. Sorry -- not sexist, right? That's just bad-ass, and I love it. You work your stuff, Jess Bowen; who says the guys should be the only ones hitting stuff?

So anyway -- still with me? The Summer Set, of Arizona, is all you if you're into some honest fare for your party mix or your running playlist. The group's sounds are very, very of-the-now, but there's solid musical instincts behind it; and the lyrics are airy and mercifully un-cheesy.

Even though they're signed now, The Summer Set ctually made a name for itself with self-released EPs, MySpace postings, and unsolicited friend requests!

I'm particularly into "Chelsea" -- about a girl whose sheer hotness is powerful enough to get other girls' names deleted from iPhones. Little aside: "Chelsea" is based on lead singer Brian Dales' girlfriend Chelsea Staub -- surely you know her as Stella Malone from JONAS on Disney. So does that mean Chelsea really wears a new dress every day? Girl, that's a lot of work... but I guess you get back what you put out; this might even be the dangerous Chelsea from that sweet Stefy song...

The Summer Set's debut full-length album, Love Like This, drops this fall on October 13th. Can't wait for that? Listen to The Summer Set's cover of Usher's "Love In This Club." And follow them on Twitter at @the_summer_set.