VMAs 2009: Cobra Starship Rides The Rails In Their 'West Side Story'-Inspired VMA TV Spot

Never seen West Side Story? Seriously? Shame on you. But I'll wait to chastise you until after you've watched this brand-new MTV on-air spot that Cobra Starship filmed for the 2009 MTV VMAs. The new video features Cobra Starship -- and Leighton Meester -- reenacting West Side Story's "Tonight," a cinematic and theatrical behemoth.

The Cobra Starship VMA video was choreographed by Wade Robson (let that sink in for a minute...) and filmed at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. The museum is completely underground, and the promo was shot in a vintage New York City subway car, which is why it looks a little like something out of Beat Street. My only complaint: Not enough Ryland. Apparently Courtney Love was on set too. (Let THAT sink in...)

Watch the Cobra Starship 2009 VMA promo video, and stay tuned for more videos featuring VMA performers and presenters.

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+ See more photos of Cobra Starship from the set of their 2009 VMA video shoot after the jump.

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