Honor Society Tour Diary: The Gentlemen Prep Their Debut Album, 'Fashionably Late'

Buzzworthy besties HONOR SOCIETY are well into their Full Moon Crazy Tour, but they still found the time to remember the little people. And by the little people, we mean us. Why? Because the men of Honor Society are angels who pose as men on earth. There. The secret's out. Here's what Michael Bruno (happy belated birthday!), Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, and Andrew Lee had to tell us about Honor Society's life on the road and the big build up to their upcoming debut album, Fashionably Late. I want to believe that someone was wearing jorts when this tour diary was written, by the way...

Hey MTV, it's Honor Society, coming to you from the road. A quick review for those of you who don't know we're on the Jonas Brothers World Tour '09 as well as our own headlining Full Moon Crazy Tour (why do one tour when you can do two at the same time!)

Things have been exciting lately, we got to do two shows in Detroit in one day: a matinee show for our Full Moon Crazy tour which ROCKED, the fans were incredible, and then we raced over to the Palace at Auburn Hills at played for 15,000 people opening for the Jonas Brothers!

Right after the show we hopped on a plane to New York City for our album cover photo shoot. It's our debut album, called Fashionably Late, and it comes out September 15th, GO GET IT! You can pre-order the album at honorsocietymerch.com.

The photoshoot was incredible and really completed the artistic vision we had for the record. There's great imagery and symbolism that our fans will love.

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The next two days after the shoot we got to play in St. Louis and Kansas City, MO both of which were awesome shows, we met some amazing new fans there.

We're now headed to the Bahamas to perform two songs for the MISS TEEN USA Finals Pageant, it will be a really cool experience for us.

Keep checking in with us to hear more about MISS TEEN USA as well as everything else we have coming up!

no duh.

Michael, Alexander, Jason and Andrew


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