Wanna Know What Avril Lavigne's New Perfume Smells Like?

Good news for Avril fans, fans of celebrity perfumes, the pink-and-black color combo, and fans of perfumes that share the same name as a Radiohead song. Avril Lavigne's brand-new perfume, "Black Star," just hit Kohl's stores nationwide, and I had the chance to get a few deep-down whiffs of eau d'Avril just this morning. Here's what Avril's "Black Star" smells like:

+ Hibiscus

+ Dark chocolate (nom!!)

+ "Electric Youth" -- the Debbie Gibson fragrance that most of 1990 smelled like and that also smelled like poison.

Avril's "Black Star" has some sensual plum notes, and heavy opening notes of citrus. Honestly, when I first smelled it, I immediately though of "Electric Youth." Which isn't a good thing. BUT, after the drydown, "Black Star" grew on me, and my colleague at the MTV Remote Control Blog RAVED that it smelled like the fresh and fruity teas and towels you get at a spa. (HM! I WOULDN'T KNOW, Remote Control!) Meanwhile Buzzworthy's Travis was an insta-fan, declared it better than Britney's fragrances and exclaimed "If i was straight, i would want you to wear that."

Anyway, Avril's "Black Star" fragrance is definitely not the best damn thing I've ever sprayed in the vicinity of my nose, but it's certainly not one of those cloying, old-lady perfumes. And it's 100% better than Diddy's "I Am King." If you're into light, juicy, "pink" perfumes, by all means, give it a shot. "Black Star" is $29 for the 30ml and $39 for the 50ml.

AND, just in case you don't follow Avril but were wondering WTF happened to her, she's in the studio working on a new album, which should be out November 17. (So step OFF, haters!) PS! Watch my FAVORITE Avril video after the jump!