What Did Alexa Wear Today? Wednesday August 12

WOULD YOU FEAST YOUR EYES upon that holy sight? Degrassi''s Lauren Collins and Adam Ruggiero -- my OTHER favorite Degrassi characters besides Clare and Jimmy/Drake AND Hazel Aden (WHAT UP, ANDREA LEWIS?)... and Joey Jeremiah (old-school) -- loving Nick Jonas under the tutelage of Alexa Chung. That's ALMOST as a cute the Nick Jonas puppy dog!

And here's what Alexa wore today!

Wednesday, August 12

+ Denim shirt: Topshop

+ Skirt: H&M

+ Shoes: Chanel

+ Necklace and t-shirt: Flea market finds!

Get a denim shirt (from Topshop, Kmart, a thrift store, your dad, wherevs), and wash it a bunch before you wear it. Go big and slightly baggy, and roll up the sleeves. (Cuteness factor UPPED for pairing with black leggings or black skinny jeans.) Otherwise you'll look like you work at Blockbuster. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because you've got a uniform and a Chill Time shirt in one. This one's $60 at Topshop.com.

Black skirt: Short (or not), sweet, staple. This one's $19.80 at Forever21.com.

+ More Alexa Chung-inspired style picks after the jump!

Alexa found her gorgeous vintage Deco crystal necklace at a flea market, where she finds lots of her hard-to-get, covetable stuff. So, no, sorry, you can't have that one. BUT, why not hit up a flea market yourself OR, check out one of my favorite vintage jewelry sites, RubyLane.com. This gem (get it???) is only $55. Want!... Or be all crafty and whatnot and make your own pretty piece at Swarovski's create-your-style.com. It's actually way more fun than it sounds.