+ Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes, plans to launch his debut solo record with an over-the-top tour, Disney-style. As in he'll ride a pole like Miley? We might actually be intrigued by that. (NME)

+ Happy 1st Birthday to The JoBros A Little Bit Longer album, which turned out to be a HUGE trending topic in the Twitterverse today. (Twitter)

+ If you had enough money (or assistants) to get multiple hair extensions glued to your head on a daily basis, you would probably take care of them or at the very least brush them once in a while, right? Then tell us WHYYYYYY Britney seems to go out of her way to make her hair extensions look as obvious (and obviously not washed) as possible? If anyone is within reach, would you please just shake her?? Thanks. (The Blemish)

+ Oh -- and in case you're wondering how Britney's looking so good in a bikini (with those tracks covered up by a huge hat), it comes in a box and is delivered to her door/tour bus. And it's not crack. (ICYDK)

+ With a new album on the way, Janet Jackson is ready for another new look (no, it's not a new pair of Juicy Couture sweatpants). The question is, are you ready? (Bossip)

+ Also, did you know Ryan Gosling has a band? Listen to this song off his forthcoming debut album and see what you think. Sounds like Elvis, Jeff Buckley, and Johnny Cash. Kinda? (PopSugar)

+ Kelly Osbourne is looking very "True Blue" Madonna these days. "Likes this." (Popsquire)