Video Sneak Peek: Paramore, 'Ignorance'

Paramore's brand-new video, "Ignorance," makes its MTV premiere Thursday, August 13. Until then, feast your Paramore-starved eyes on this preview clip of Hayley Williams and the guys finding their way in the darkness (of a basement? crawl space? sewer? WHAT IS IT? I NEED TO KNOW!) in this sneak peek of "Ignorance," directed by Honey (not to be confused with the Jessica Alba movie), off their upcoming album, Brand New Eyes, out September 29th (Josh Farro's birthday too, so put down both on your calendar right there.)

Clearly Paramore's "Ignorance" isn't exactly light fare, and the snippet leaves you wanting more, so check back tomorrow for the full-length video/ actual fulfillment. Until then, see which 2009 MTV VMA Paramore's nominated for.