New Video: Pink, 'Funhouse' + VMA Flashback: Pink Blows Stuff Up At The 2008 VMAs!

We know Pink was not in her happy place when she wrote Funhouse. Sure, "So What" was empowering and lighthearted; sure ex-ex-husband Carey Hart made an amicable cameo in the music video; but if you heard the rest of that album, you knew Pink was not feeling like a "rock star" for a minute.

And now we have the video for the album's title track and fourth single, "Funhouse" -- watch it below -- looks like Pink's pretty much lost it this time, y'all. The manic skipping recalls, in its giddy, deranged abandon, the chainsaw-brandishing/buggy-on-the-highway craziness of the "So What" video. In a good way, of course. According to her "Funhouse" confessions, Pink plans to burn down the home where her relationship memories reside (maids and exorcisms weren't cutting it), but I'd say someone beat her to it: that toilet landed clear in the desert.

Note, please, that the "Funhouse" video, directed by Dave Meyers, features No Doubt's Tony Kanal, who co-wrote and co-produced the track with Pink and Jimmy Harry. And Tony's a true performer: He keeps on playing, even covered in sweat and ash -- even dangerously close to pyro-mode Pink! Which is totally a theme with Pink -- she blew up tons of stuff in her performance of "So What" at the 2008 VMAs. (Watch that after the jump!)

Watch "Funhouse," and don't miss Pink's live performance at the 2009 VMAs at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday, September 13 at 9pm!