S+++ You So Need To Get: 'Twilight' Barbies!

And there they are. Twilight Barbies. Twilight Barbie Bella and Twilight Barbie (Ken, really) Edward. Stephenie Meyer HERSELF art directed the design of the Twilight Barbies, which hit stores November 1, in time for the release of New Moon. They're  $24.95 each. And I don't need to tell you this, but Bella and Edward Barbie were created in the likeness of the "Forever 17" scene of Twilight, and actual costumes from the movie set were used to  inspire the dolls' costumes.

If Mattel creates another version of Twilight Edward, I truly hope he sparkles when you take him out into the sun. Surely we have that kind of technology. UPDATE! THE EDWARD BARBIE ACTUALLY SPARKLES!

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