Weekend Buzz Bites (8/10/09): IT'S THE MILEY CYRUS EDITION, Y'ALL!

+ The 2009 Teen Choice Awards air tonight at 8pm on FOX, but that doesn't mean you can't see red carpet pics of the show now (since it was pretaped). (Neon Limelight)

+ You can also sneak a peek at the amazing stripper routine (??) that Miley Cyrus did during the show. Turns out it was really an "ice cream cart?" Mhmm... (The Superficial)

+ Perhaps she was just taking a cue from 'Ultimate Choice' winner Britney Spears and her "Gimme More" video from the not-so-distant "Blackout." Miley then took to Twitter to thank everyone for calling her "the next Britney." Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, lady. Them are big Candie's pumps to fill. (Perez Hilton)

+ Oh yeah -- and Miley's also auctioning off the chance to be her "roadie" for a day, with the proceeds going to her family's charity foundation. (US Magazine)

+ To round out today's bites with something completely random and unrelated, another track from Whitney Houston's long-awaited comeback album "I Look To You" has dropped on the Internets, and we have to say it doesn't sound too bad. It was penned by Alicia Keys and has a sort of retro-70's vibe to it. (Pop Bytes)