Remembering John Hughes & The Soundtrack Of Our '80s Twee-mo Lives

Pour one out. '80s movie icon John Hughes passed away yesterday at the all-too early age of 59 from an unexpected heart attack. :(

It makes us blue. Hughes epitomized our awkward, angsty high school experience like no other with his excellent string of irreverent teen '80s comedies like, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Weird Science (not to mention the multi-hyphenate genius was also the writing mind behind, Some Kind of Wonderful , National Lampoon's Vacation, the Home Alone trilogy and a ton of other films).

But Hughes' brilliant and attitude-filled films gave us more than just laughs, heart-on-sleeve admissions and classic put-downs like "you neo maxi zoom dweebie." His films also left us with indelible moments set to music, plus he turned us onto a plethora of great '80s new wave bands like the Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths, OMD, Oingo Boingo, The Thompson Twins, Altered Images, Simple Minds, General Public, etc. etc. -- the list goes on and on.

So we thought we'd celebrate John Hughes' movie music legacy with a video playlist of many the hits that elevated his films into something truly special and everlasting. Watch the whole thing here, plus here's a few highlights and our particular faves.

For more , MTV News points us to a really cool, previously unpublished interview one of their writers conducted with Hughes in 1997, and this other old school MTV interview where the filmmaker said he "stumbled" into making teen films by accident.