Mariah Carey 'Obsessed' Remix, Featuring Gucci Mane

I'll be upfront: a remix of "Obsessed" had a slim chance with me; don't just mess with perfection and expect me to be cool with it, OK? I'll concede the official Mariah Carey "Obsessed" remix is pretty dern similar to the auto-tuned bliss that is its source. (If you haven't heard the remix, just expect Gucci Mane rap breaks and occasional ohs and ehs over Mariah's vocals.) Speaking of which, I'm not mad at you Gucci, but you were kind of sitting pretty on this project, huh? Or perhaps Gucci, like a good lamb, understands any major changes would be tantamount to sacrilege.

Anyway, I am interested in the remix treatment of the "Obsessed" music video; I felt the original video needed a little somthin'. Mariah and Brett Rattner (and beard-o Mariah) filmed the remix scenes during the original New York shoot; and while there is a lot of overlap, now we get sexy, writhing table Mariah (reminiscent of "Womanizer" Britney in the sauna) with Gucci Mane standing in back -- all in a perfect vision of haughtiness. Oh, Emi, er, no-one-in-particular, you can only dream what our lives are actually like. Also a plus of the new version: with more footage to work with, creepy bearded Mariah gets less airtime! Why is she so creepy?

And my favorite moment of the video? As soon as Gucci takes the reigns, Mariah goes straight for the champ-y. Oh - hi camera!