VMAs 2009: Friday Flashback! Pete Wentz Wore The Dumbest And Most Hilarious Thing Ever On The 2006 VMA Red Carpet

Yep. And there it is. The stupidest thing anyone's ever wore on the VMA red carpet. Besides everything Lil Kim's ever wore to the VMAs, including but not limited to her 2000 VMAs sparkly Superheroine of Boob Bondage situation.


Anyway, Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy rolled onto the red carpet at the 2006 VMAs with a REAL LIVE FREAKING MONKEY. Not like a metaphorical "monkey on my back" monkey. An actual real one. A Capuchin monkey.

I've been on the VMA red carpet (PLEASE! NO PHOTOS!), and let me tell you, the VMA red carpet is NO place for a monkey. The VMA red carpet is a place for ass-less dresses. But it happened. And I'm still talking about it, so maybe the joke's on me. Oh yeah, Pete Wentz was also wearing a cape, but you hardly noticed. BECAUSE HE ALSO HAD A LIVE MONKEY WITH HIM.

Pete's already said that he and Fall Out Boy will be at the 2009 VMAs -- see which VMA they're up for -- but this year they better BRING it on the red carpet. Live elephants, a blimp, upsidedown taxi, or ELSE.

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