New Video: Fefe Dobson, 'I Want You'

People, Fefe Dobson should be huge. This mini Joan Jett is off in all the right ways: she doesn't quite belong in music today, and her melodies are so resolute and committed in their differences.

And now, as I step down from my musical soapbox, let me lower the bar and admit I first heard Fefe's new single "I Want You" on promos for obvious Emmy-contender Megan Wants a Millionaire. But let's try to erase that association and focus instead on Fefe's new "I Want You" music video below, which just premiered on MTV. I enjoy the oft-used high-school setting; schoolgirl crush frustration still rears its whiny head from time to time (at least it does for me), and Fefe tailing a boy down the hall, yelling her longing into his deaf ears... resonates, to say the least. To say the VERY least.

Going back in time, Fefe won me over with the outrageously overlooked "Don't Let It Go to Your Head," the lead single from her album Sunday Love, which Island never released (they subsequently dropped her) ... because no one listened to it. OUTRAGEOUS! Please download it right now -- or at the very least listen to Jordin Sparks' cover (it's track 3 on Battlefield; I'm glad someone appreciates...)