Watch The Students Of PS 22 Perform Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' On MTV's 'It's On With Alexa Chung'

Yesterday the immensely talented students of Staten Island, New York's PS 22's chorus -- the elementary school chorus known for their uplifting choral covers of pop songs, trumpeted by Perez Hilton -- performed Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" on It's On With Alexa Chung.

Watch their performance -- accompanied by their director, Gregg "Mr. B." Breinberg" from yesterday's show. Watching these kids perform is the most uplifting thing I've seen since the Chris Brown "Forever" wedding dance, and it's even sweeter without the looming implication of assault and battery. Also, Tirzah, I will be first in line to buy your album whenever it comes out.

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