What Did Alexa Chung Wear Today? Tuesday, July 28

FINALLY! Ashley Tisdale addressed those nasty Cobra Starship copycat accusations on today's episode of It's On With Alexa Chung, stating that she hadn't really heard of them... until she had. (Good save!) The Tiz, who's in Boys Like Girls' new video, Christian Finnegan, Keri Hilson, and Alexa's STUNNING platforms were almost too much to handle on what would've been an otherwise snoozetastic Tuesday. Good thing you tuned in. Here's what Alexa wore today.

Tuesday, July 28

+ Shirt: Marni

+ Shorts: Levi's

+ Shoes: Marni

If that Marni face shirt Alexa wore on the show today looks familiar, it's because you also saw it on Alexa in British Vogue. Can't shell out the pounds/ Euros/ bucks for Marni? Try this face tee instead. It's by Junk Food, and it's $24 at TheDenimShop.com.

Or, get this face t-shirt from Forever21.com. It's got eight faces on it, and it's $10.90. That works out to barely a buck a face!

Alexa's amazing shoes are also Marni, but if the heels and price are too high, how's bout these Charles David Mary Jane platforms. $137 at Endless.com.

I'm also feeling on these Maloles two-tone suede Mary Janes. Like a lot. They're $190 at Farfetch.com, and when I sleep tonight, they will dance in my dreams.