Buzzworthy Obession: My Favorite Highway

Virginia indie-pop band My Favorite Highway made a name for itself without a label push -- a name as in 100,000-plus in digital sales -- and while a record deal is usually the pot o' gold, it's nice to know you can make it without them.

That's not to say the gigs always flowed freely for this crew; they still recall playing venues in meth lab-ville. But come on -- that just indicates a band with the ultimate band experience -- and is part of why My Favorite Highway is totally Buzzworthy Obsession-worthy. (And I swear I won't just talk about the hot drummer ... although I am following his Twitter now.)

If the self-made story's not enough for you, know that the debut video from My Favorite Highway, "Say So," is a tribute to Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- which sold me faster than you can say "Rooney!"

I also love "Say So" because it's the ultimate in solid melody-writing: With clear vox from lead singer David Cook (uh, yeah... I'm not saying he should have changed his name, but I wonder if he voted for Archuleta...), listening to "Say So" is just a sing-along, top-down good time.

And yes, this video and My Favorite Highway's album, How to Call a Bluff , have some extra shekels thanks to backing by Virgin Records, but the new record's not all that different than the one the boys self-released in July 2008. There was a little re-mastering involved, and the addition of two new songs "Go" and "Dreamer," but David's songwriting got play on The Hills and The City on its own merits.

And no more meth den appearances for this crew! The guys are currently touring with The Cab and will team up with HelloGoodbye in August. My Favorite Highway also recently confirmed a few opening dates in September with one, Kelly Clarkson. Sweet!