Cobra Starship Buzzworthy Fan Interview, Part 3

Wrapping up their intimate series of fan questions, Cobra Starship takes on Part 3 of their Buzzworthy Blog fan interview. (In case you missed Part 1 -- Cobra took on the uncanny similarities between themselves and Ashley Tisdale, and Part 2 featured grammar lessons and sex with Carmen Electra!)

Now, with just a few queries left, the boys pull no punches -- although they've pretty much had it with all you greedy multi-question-ers. There needs to be some semblance of order in these situations!

But you fans did kick this one off right by probing Gabe, Alex, and Ryland to find out:

+ Who would the guys go gay for (though apparently Gabe doesn't need to; he is already in a loving relationship)

+ Cobra's "suh-lammin'" outfits and where to find them

+ ... And the fate of a certain fan's panties.